Thursday, December 2, 2021

When was the air conditioner invented? Historical development of air conditioning

 The question of when was air conditioner InventHelp Innovation invented is on the agenda of many people who are curious about the basic point of the cooling systems used today. Air conditioning, which increases the comfort level in cars and homes, InventHelp  has been on the agenda since the 1500s. So when was the air conditioner invented? InventHelp Inventions Here is some information on that topic


Air conditioning systems are among the inventions that have been emphasized throughout history. Artificial ventilation InventHelp Inventors and artificial cooling systems have been used since ancient times. In the past, people were looking for solutions by hanging wet mats at doorways or by designing their homes (by passing the air currents through the fountains in the courtyard before entering the house) to provide cooling. By the 19th century, InventHelp Patent fans were placed in front of the ice to cool the air; InventHelp Invention Ideas but it was necessary to wait until 1902 for the first scientifically designed air conditioner invented by Willis H. Carrier.


First test for vehicle air conditioning has been made in 1884 InventHelp Technology


In 1884, William Whiteley made an experiment by placing ice blocks under the carriage and blowing it through a fan connected to the axle, InventHelp Idea but the use of air conditioning in motor vehicles dates back to 1938. . But the first car with a true cooling system was the 1939 Packard.

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