Thursday, December 2, 2021

The History of the Mouse: From Invention to Today’s Models

 The mouse has become indispensable. Right now, you’re probably reading this text with your hand resting on it or a notebook trackpad, InventHelp Invention Ideas unless you’re on a tablet or smartphone. But even with all of its presence in our lives, few people know how this device was invented.


Here at TecMundo, InventHelp we have already briefly covered the history of the mouse, which somehow blends in with the emergence of the first graphical interfaces for computers. But this dear peripheral deserves a special chapter, InventHelp Inventions which will be told below and also in the following video.


1952: InventHelp Patent the first trackball is born


About ten years before the first mouse was created, InventHelp Innovation the Canadian Forces Maritime Command contacted several companies that might be interested in participating in projects involving the armed forces, InventHelp Technology universities and private companies.


One of these projects aimed to create a machine InventHelp Inventors that could share radar and sonar data in real time, InventHelp Idea  so that all combatants could have a unified view of the battlefield. This project became known as DATAR.

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